Honouring Nancy

Honouring Nancy

Sounds+ is happy to support Friends for Life International in honour of Nancy Graham. Every May we will donate $1000 in her name!

We were fortunate to have Nancy as the President of Sounds+ for a few years, her term just ending in June 2013. She was very passionate about letting the public know what an audiologist is and that hearing care is as important as vision or dental care. She also donated her time to try to have audiologists legislated in NS and it’s unfortunate that this did not happen before she passed. She would have been very proud.


Nancy received her masters in Audiology from Dalhousie, then worked in a hearing clinic in Ontario for a few years before moving back to Dartmouth. She worked for Audiology Associates before starting her own practice, Alderney Hearing.


Nancy gently guided her patients through their journey from the identification of their hearing loss to better hearing with hearing devices and her incredible counselling skills. Nancy always put her patients first and her business second. Her patients would surely say she was both caring and trustworthy. Nancy really got to know her patients by asking them about their lives.


Nancy was a role model for many audiologists and students. She will be greatly missed as an audiologist and a beautiful human being.


Friends for Life International provides humanitarian aid to poor people in the region of Yamasà in the Dominican Republic. One of their projects provides free hearing aids and audiology consultation.

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