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Janine Verge

Janine Verge

Assistive Listening: Hearing Accessibility in a Community Setting

Janine Verge has worked as a clinical audiologist for the past 25 years. She obtained her BSc (Psychology) at Mount Saint Vincent University, her MSc (Audiology) from Dalhousie University, and her AuD from A.T. Still University. Janine won the 2009 NSHSC Advocacy Award, the 2013 NSHSC Dr. Barrie Coward Continuing Educational Award, the 2017 NSHSC Outstanding Performance Award, the 2019 Speech-Language and Audiology Canada Mentorship award, and the 2021 CAA President's award. 

Advocacy has always been an important issue to Janine. She is co-founder of the Dalhousie Hearing Aid Assistance Program which provides hearing aids for people with funding problems. Janine has single sided deafness from infancy and became an audiologist to help others with hearing loss. Growing frustrated with the lack of community accessibility, she started Accessible Hearing Solutions Inc. with her business partner, Duncan Floyd.

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