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Duncan Floyd

Assistive Listening: Hearing Accessibility in a Community Setting

After graduating from Dalhousie’s School of Human Communication Disorders in 1996, Duncan Floyd has practiced audiology in three countries. He has worked in his home province of Nova Scotia, at Sichuan University in Cheng-du, China, and with Northern Maine ENT Associates in the great American state of Maine.

Duncan has worked in medical settings with both adults and pediatrics and in education. He was the Clinical Education Coordinator for Audiology at the School of Human Communication Disorders from 2006-2017. Duncan has extensive experience in training as the clinical coordinator, as a supervising audiologist, as a lecturer (acoustic immittance measures and counseling) and with resident training of the Dalhousie University ENT program.

Duncan has worked with hearing aids and assistive listening devices. He has co-authored several research publications on middle ear analysis and has served on many national and provincial committees.

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