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Scholarship Winner: Melanie Chandra

We have chosen our scholarship winner for 2020! Congratulations to Melanie Chandra!

Adam Savage Talks About Hearing Loss

Adam Savage opens up about his experience with hearing loss and why getting hearing aids was a life-changing decision.

The Importance of Cradle to Grave Hearing Health

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Is Hearing Loss Just 'Part of Getting Older?'

Dalhousie's Faculty of Health writes a regular "Health Mythbusters" column, where Dal Health Researchers help change the way we think about widely

The Patient Journey

Hearing is a sense we are committed to using 24/7.

Over the Counter Hearing Aids

Over the counter hearing aids (or OTC’s) is a hot topic in audiology at the moment.

The Importance of Hearing

Hearing is our most social sense.

Hearing Loss & Associated Health Conditions

When an individual suffers from hearing loss and the hearing loss is left untreated, that individual’s overall quality of life is negatively affect

Audiologists vs. Hearing Instrument Practitioners

There is ongoing confusion regarding the professional roles in the diagnosing and treatment of hearing loss. This confusion is widespread amongst t

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Don't Disconnect

Check out this great video from the Canadian Academy of Audiology.

Questions about hearing health

Common Hearing Myths

Learn all the facts and dispel all the myths about hearing health.

Find Your Audiologist Video

Looking for more information on how to find a great audiologist to help maintain your hearing hea

Hearing Loss Prevention Tips


Think you know about hearing health? You might be surprised!

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