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Jean Kienapple Memorial Prize Submission

by Jean Kienapple award winner Shally Yuan

Sounds + 2018 Intro Video

2018 Sounds + Intro

We're so excited to be hosting everyone at our 2018 Sounds + Conference and hope to see you all t

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Listening and Responding: Addressing Unspoken Concerns to Promote Forward Movement

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The Ins and Outs of Cerumen Management

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Shared Decision Making - A Way to Build Trust with New Patients

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Don't Disconnect

Check out this great video from the Canadian Academy of Audiology.

Questions about hearing health

Common Hearing Myths

Learn all the facts and dispel all the myths about hearing health.

Find Your Audiologist Video

Looking for more information on how to find a great audiologist to help maintain your hearing hea

Hearing Loss Prevention Tips


Think you know about hearing health? You might be surprised!

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Tips for Buying Hearing Instruments

When you visit an audiologist to obtain hearing instruments, you are paying for more than the device itself.

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